We live in a society of left hegemony. This Substack aims to explore the reasons for, and the consequences of, the hegemony of the left. This is a fancy way of saying that the left dominates the realm of culture and ideas. It is a domination that it constitutes a danger to freedom of thought and speech, the most valuable of our civil liberties.

A spot of diversity would be a good thing, and this Substack will make its minor contribution to that cause.

I have no relevant qualifications, beyond a doctorate in history and a taste for literary criticism.

I aim to update the Substack at least weekly, and possibly more often.

Comments, questions, and indignation to markfproudman@gmail.com.

Catch me on Twitter @mfproudman.

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Excursive commentary, with emphasis on the ideology of the bureaucratic state


I have three degrees in history, an undisciplined collection of books, an interest in literary theory, and steam coming out of my ears. Then there's the bike. Eliot reminded us that tradition is not what is dead but what is already living.